I started writing the songs on this album when the UK went into its first lockdown in March 2020. I figured that it would take my mind off the awful situation we were in and also keep me busy. Most of the lyrics relate to this. Like many musicians, a year of gigs booked in my diary virtually disappeared overnight and it was impossible to work with fellow musicians building the tracks, therefore I decided to play everything myself and work with what I had here in my small home studio.

Occasionally I would run rough mixes past my fellow musician friends and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mike Paxman for his guidance on the song arrangements and the wonderful guitar solo on ‘Waiting For You’.   Also big thanks to one of my oldest musician chums, Richard Holder, for helping me with the lyrics on ‘Got My Engines Running’.

This record is dedicated to my dearest older brother David, who sadly passed away in September 2020. He inspired my taste in music and introduced me to a world of electronic gadgetry.

Finally, deep, heartfelt thanks to my partner Helen, who patiently sat through many an evening listening to various mixes and work in progress. Always encouraging and always honest.

Rick Cassman May 2021